Who are we ?

Who are we ?
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Over 30 years of great food

Over 30 years of great food
Over 30 years of great food
For more than 30 years, Prim's has brought French gastronomical expertise to the international scene through a complete range of frozen poultry. An ambassador for all types of cooking, the brand helps you discover French cuisine through gourmet and delicious products, from classic poultry to specialities. Found in Europe and Asia, Prim'S shares its passion for cooking and French traditions. You can rely on us to carefully control every step of the product journey, from field to plate, with poultry raised and prepared in western France.

Prim'S, enduring and demanding promises

  • PleasurePleasure
  • GastronomyGastronomy
  • French expertiseFrench expertise
  • TraditionTradition
Prim'S, enduring and demanding promises

French poultry expert

  • French poultry
  • Animal well-being
  • Controlled traceability
  • Quality and authenticity

A brand committed to improving your everyday cooking

Poultry for all tastes

Duck, turkey, small poultry, and rabbit offer an endless source of culinary inspiration. As part of an everyday menu, special occasion dishes, salads, sandwiches, grills, or roasts... Poultry gives you endless choices, all high-quality. There is something for all tastes, cravings and culinary creativity, and it works wonderfully in your nutritional and gastronomical dishes. Prim's guarantees you food safety and a wonderful cooking experience, sure to put smiles around the table.
Well-raised poultry
Well-raised poultry

Well-raised poultry

The animals' health is at the heart of our work, as an animal in good health makes for a high-quality product! We prefer to develop natural, alternative solutions to antibiotics, so that they're only used as a last resort. We give our poultry complete and balanced diets, including vegetables, minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, our raising conditions are designed to meet all of the animals' natural and physiological needs: temperature regulation, air quality, free movement space, natural lighting.

For foodie pleasure

For everyday family cooking and your special occasion meals between friends, Prim'S offers frozen whole pieces and poultry cuts which boast refined flavours: 

  • Classic chicken
  • Corn fed chicken
  • Turkey
  • Barbary duck and female barbary duck
  • Organic Duck
  • Duck "So Nature, So Good"
  • Guinea fowl
  • Small poultry: pigeon, poussin, quail
  • Rabbit

Discover a range of high-quality products now!

For foodie pleasure
For foodie pleasure

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Would you like to find out more ?

Prim's a LDC group and Société Bretonne de volaille Brand

Prim'S products are marketed by the Société Bretonne de Volaille (SBV), a subsidiary of the LDC Group.The LDC Group is a leader in the European poultry sector, with 93 production sites and logistical platforms, and over 23 000 employees. Most of Prim's offering is prepared in the Société Bretonne de Volaille's production sites. The company is a leading figure in the French poultry market and in RHD and PAI networks, with a turnover of 1.02 billion euros in 2021. SBV has an active role in the economic development of its region, working with over 1 200 independent, contracted farmers.

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