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The Barbary duck is a traditional and rustic duck from France. They are raised by passionate breeders with respect for animal well-being. Thanks to the breeding with an outdoor access to a vast grassy meadow, our ducks benefit from a diet with plants, minerals and vitamins. A real treat for all gourmets !
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Prim'S So Nature, So Good: French gastronomy in all its splendour.

Presentation of duck products

French gastronomic expertise

Prim’S has a complete range of delicious products: frozen poultry cuts and whole pieces of poultry. Our products meet the highest specifications in terms of presentation, use and practicality.You can also find our French speciality product:Barbary duck!

Steak and French fries plate

Barbary Duck

The Barbary duck is a traditional French duck from a wild species, known for its unique flavour. It is reared in conditions that respect the animal’s well-being. The red meat is delicious, tender and flavourful, the perfect representation of French gastronomic expertise! With its “So Nature, So Good” range, Prim’S offers the guarantee of well-reared, well-fed poultry with outdoor access.

The barbarian duck

A well-reared duck

From a slow-growing rustic bread, the Barbary duck is reared for around 80 days by passionate poultry farmers. They use all their expertise to meet the natural and physiological needs of the animals. Our farms follow the farming principle of no antibiotics; we only use curative antibiotic treatments. The health of our animals is managed by vets.

A suitable environment

Our buildings have natural light so the ducks experience the natural rhythms of the day. The ducks have outside access depending on the weather and at the end of the day the buildings provide shelter for the night. From 6 weeks, the ducks are free to explore a vast grassy meadow and have unlimited access to the building. The grassy areas have been designed so the birdscan behave completely naturally.

Ducks lounging in the sun

Audited commitments

We use an independent organisation to audit all of our partner farms involved in the “So Nature, So Good” line.

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A well-fed duck

The Barbary ducks enjoy a diet rich in plants, whole grains, minerals and vitamins with no forcefeeding. The farmer adapts the diet to the age and growth of the ducks to meet their needs. Inside the building, the ducks have unlimited access to water with drinking nipples and/or troughs where they can dip their beaks.

A duck at the table

Origin and quality

All of the Prim’S farms are in the west of France, less than 2 hours from our production sites. We are working hard to reduce animal journey times. We ensure the quality of our products every day. Our exacting standards for the traceability, hygiene and freshness of our ducks guarantee irreproachable product quality. We meet strict food safety standards and provide best farming conditions

West France
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